Mears, Silver Lake State Park

Cost: $100,000

Location: Mears MI

Age Group: 5-12

Architects and the DNR were looking for a fun destination playground that wouldn’t take away from the Silver Lake Dunes.   Great Lakes delivered on the request by designing a playground that has a clear line of site through the playground to the dunes.  By using ropes and eliminating decks/platforms/tunnels/ and panels, we were able to create more fun with an even better view of the skyline behind.  Something for everyone describes this fun playground including a bamboo tree fort, hammock, inclusive spinner, basket swing, bridge from space all to tree fort, all cast aluminum nodes that house and cover connections and hardware for a clean finished look, all stainless-steel posts (no steel or aluminum) which is the best materials for the best long term fun.  Pour in place rubber for seamless accessibility for kids and families of all abilities.  This design utilizes the best of engineering and materials to last for years of fun!